Max Dovey

Project Title

A Hipster Bar


A hipster bar uses image recognition software to enforce a strict door policy that only admits people that look hipster enough. The doors for this bar will only open if you are at least 90% hipster, making it the world's first automated hipster bar. The term hipster is used loosely to describe a sub-culture of people who attempt to keep up to date with the latest trend and remain 'hip'. By sourcing thousands of images of hipsters (mainly from Instagram). Max Dovey, creator of the Hipster Bar has attempted to train an algorithm to recognize the visual characteristics of a hipster. This exclusive pop up bar has been installed in festivals around Europe distributing free drinks to anyone who is hipster enough. Developed with V2_Institute for Unstable Media and supported by Imagga and Stimulering fonds.

Twitter @ahipsterbar .


Bar, Webcam, Raspberry Pi, Motor, Barrier, HTML, CSS


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New Scientist