Max Dovey

Project Title

All our best machines are made of sunshine


Considering electronic devices as geological artifacts, what stories and tales can be unearthed through embodied practices?

I was project lead for a collaborative residency as part of ‘The Metabolic Sublime’ at Medialab Matedero for 2 weeks in February 2023.

We workshopped process based methods for excavating minerals (such as dowsing, detecting and foraging) and designed lo-fi instruments with found materials to create embodied circuits of energy transfer and mythical enactment.

By evoking mythical tales associated with stones and minerals we developed a number of participatory methodologies for re-configuring humans relation to stones & technology and fostered new paradigms towards ‘clean’ energy.

Residency Mentors: Marina Otero,Joana Moll & Liam Young
Residency collaborators: Bruno Szenk, Irene de Boer, Cecilia Serrano Moreno, Lila Izquierdo & Lena Buzueva.
Guest Workshop by: Maria Lucia Peña Ardila.
Video documentation was created by Lila Izquierdo and is can be viewed here.


metal detecting, dowsing, electronics


Medialab Matedero