Max Dovey

Project Title

Respiratory Mining


Respiratory Mining uses human respiration to mine crypto-currencies. The respiratory mining rig converts lung exhalation into a hash rate for a micro computer mining on the Monero (XMR) blockchain. The installation uses spirometry, a medical technique for measuring lung capacity, to convert breathing into computational processing speed. The total amount of financial profit accumulated through mining is dictated by the amount of breath that is exhaled into the respiratory mining rig. This website indicates the status of the mining rig for the duration of the exhibition and a graph shows in real-time the current hash rate of the micro-computer. At the time of writing it has accumulated just £0.03 (0.000226495645 XMR, 0.00000378 BTC) but the value of this is subject to change. The work has been featured at Generator Projects in Dundee, Scotland as part of Neon Digital Art Festival and exhibited as part of After Money at Alt-w LAB in Edinburgh.


Modified Spirometer, Raspberry Pi, Python, Oxygen Masks and Wet Wipes


Motherboard (Vice)

Make Money Not Art