Max Dovey

Project Title

Rare Earth Walks


Rare Earth Walks is a field research activity to examine the relations between earth and technology and consider computational hardware as geological artifacts
As part of this group expedition everyone is invited to go fossicking for precious stones, metals and minerals. Various assistive tools are used to survey the terrain and learn about the different ways of prospecting the land throughout history from ancient stone collection, water divination and metal detecting.

The collective finds are then used to create an 'elementary computer' - an assembled schematic of various found materials that can then be used to learn about the trace elements of various metals integral in electronics and hardware required for renewable energy.

*Fossicking is a term used in Australia, New Zealand and Cornwall to describe recreational prospecting.

Images by Ibi Feher Photography

Rare Earth Walks was a site specific commission for Control Shift Festival 2023.


Guided walks & workshop


Control Shift Festival